Building the School

Starting with the construction and gradual development of the boarding school Urgyen Kater Rabgye Ling for about 500 students in the beginning, the property is meant to grow into a full-service educational institution including a college for advanced academic and postgraduate Buddhist studies.

The building of the boarding school complex of Urgyen Kater Rabgye Ling will commence with the construction of eight classrooms, a library and/or multipurpose hall for yoga classes, prayer and cultural events, kitchen and dining facilities, small housing facilities for the teaching staff and outdoor facilities for extra-curricular and recreational activities. Students will be accomodated in shared bedrooms with separate, high standard sanitation facilities. We would like to conduct the development of the grounds and construction of the buildings in an eco-friendly manner, including the usage of sustainable material and renewable energies (rainwater harvesting, solar energy etc.).