How to help

We have done a lot, but a lot more is to come! You can participate in the activities of Urgyen Kater Rabgye Ling and help to further our project. By becoming a supporter, you can make a change. You won’t be just a part of this project, you will become a reason for this school to exist, you will creat the conditions for a better and brighter future for our students.

Sponsor the construction

You can directly contribute to the construction of the school, for example by sponsoring a bedroom for two students at the cost of 2,500 €.  Or become a sponsor of one the following facilities that will benefit all of our students:

  • Dining hall: 10.000 €
  • Classroom: 3.000 €
  • Student Room: 2.500 €
  • Kitchen: 7.000 €
  • Water tank: 10.000 €
  • Water Installation: 8000 €

Sponsorships for the monks

Through a  student sponsorship you enable a child or young adult to train at our boarding school Urgyen Kater Rabye Ling. You can either finance certain phases of the training at our boarding school, cover the costs for a school year or make a monthly donation. With a regular contribution as part of a student sponsorship, you create a stable basis for the success of the students of our monastery. With a sponsorship you enable the monks, nuns, and lay students to be accommodated and trained at the boarding school of Urgyen Kater Rabye Ling and you provide for their basic medical care.

During the construction works on our boarding school, our current students will be temporarily accommodated in Taksham Monastery, our partner monastery which is the oldest monastery in Dhondeling. After the completion of Urgyen Kater Rabye Ling, our students will move to the school of Urgyen Kater Rabye Ling and will receive their training in the new school complex.

Monthly Sponsorship – basic care: 35 Euro

Yearly Sponsorship – basic care: 420 Euro

Monthly Sponsorship – extended care: 60 Euro

Yearly Sponsorship – extended care: 720 Euro

If you would like to provide your sponsored child with a little more quality of life, why not take on an extended student sponsorship. Your donation will enable  the monks at the monastic community to  get further study materials and toys, to make telephone calls and to afford tickets for study trips and pilgrimages or for teachings outside the monastery or will provide for additional meals or pocket money for other extra expenses. With an extended sponsorship you also contribute towards building up financial reserves for medical emergencies.

Please find here the current opportunities for sponsoring a child:

Or contact us directly if you have any questions about sponsorships.

Medical Emergency Fund

We also appreciate your contribution to our Emergency Medical fund: 25 €/student. This Fund aims at ensuring the health and security of our students in case of sickness and need for medical treatment. Through your support we can provide for health check-ups and treatments and offer additional care for our students in case of needed medical procedures. The Fund also pays for hospital and emergency room visits or unforeseen costs due to medical conditions.

Please join us to accomplish these wonderful projects by donating. Thank you!