Fundraising for Finishing our School

Can we finish the ground floor of the school before the end of 2021? Let us all together help Pema Rinpoche in getting everything ready so that our first 50 students can soon move into our newly built school. Our students have already beds and mattresses.Here is a list of what is still and urgently required in order to finish their new bedrooms and classrooms:

  • 84 light bulbs: 2.90 Euro each
  • Glass for 60 large windows: 60 Euro each
  • 60 doors: 18 Euro each
  • tiles for 12 bathrooms: 140 Euro each, labour cost per bathroom approx. 58 Euro

We also need a big water tank:

  • Material: 7000 Euro
  • Labour: 2400 Euro

Donations can be made by bank transfer or Pay Pal. We will keep you updated on this fundraising effort by posting how many light bulbs, windows, doors, bathrooms have already been donated.