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Our Project: Urgyen Kater Rabye Ling School

With the help of your donations, Golden Bridge supports the construction and operation of the boarding school Urgyen Kater Rabye Ling, an educational home for in the beginning approximately 500 students located within the Tibetan settlement Dhondeling in Karnataka, South India.

Envisioned is a modern training institute focusing on primary education as well as advanced Tibetan-Buddhist studies (Shedra) which aims the students up for successful life paths and at the same time provides home and shelter in order to empower children and young adults from underprivileged families of the Himalayan region and the Tibetan settlements.

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Welcome to the website of Golden Bridge charity

About us

We are a charitable organization promoting access to education in order to empower disadvantaged children and young adults from the Himalayan region and the Tibetan settlements.


Our main projects at is the construction of the Buddhist boarding school Urgyen Kater Rabye Ling in Dhondeling, South India. We already provide a home for 70 students who are studying with us.

We need your help

The majority of the Buddhist families in the Himalaya region in India live in very modest economic circumstances and many of them or below the poverty line. As a result, many children have no access to school education.

Words of gratitude

Thank you everyone from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our projects and activities. Each supporter makes a huge different to the life of a child.

What have we done so far

  • We started with the construction works for the buildings of the school complex of Urgyen Kater Rabye Ling in October 2019.
  • The first priority was given to building hostel rooms, dormitory and classrooms so that we can as soon as possible start with the operation of the school.
  • Water and Electricity connections were successfully installed in the end of 2020. The water source proud to be a reliable one, which is the most important need along with electricity. The building are guided by professional engineers and supervised by Khen Rinpoche himself.
  • In November 2020, the foundation of the 113 feet tall Golden Buddha statue was laid . It is mainly aimed at spreading the teaching of Buddha to all the nearby places.

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What comes next

  • We aim for finishing the building of the school complex Urgyen Kater Rabye Ling by the end of this year.
  • So far, the constructions of these buildings are under full swing. We have finished installation of pillars and beams for all the building along with brick walls. The RCC roofing of two buildings consisting of hostel, classroom and kitchen are already finished.
  • The roofing for third building will be finished by next month. At present the contractor are working on plastering the walls.
  • We are planning to grow the school quickly and give a home to many children in the future. As per today, we have already got around 30 new admissions.
  • This month we bought new beds an mattresses for our current students in order to ensure comfort and hygiene.
  • The Golden Buddha statue on the upper part of the area is under construction.

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Become a donor

We have done a lot, but a lot more is to come! By becoming a supporter, you can make a change. You won’t be just a part of this project, you will become a reason for this school to exist, you will become a reason for a better and brighter future of our students. With each of their activities your kind support will multiply and reach out the world and bring great benefit!

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