Studying at Urgyen Kater Rabgye Ling

The long-term concept of Urgyen Kater Rabgye Ling is directed at providing excellent and modern educational training as school and university with a specific focus in advanced Tibetan-Buddhist studies. The schooling is comprised of a profound elementary and secondary training in accordance with the Indian state curriculum and advanced studies, summing up to eleven years of training in total.

The training includes furthermore traditional studies of the Tibetan culture such as Tibetan language and grammar, Tibetan arts and crafts, Buddhist philosophy, meditation and yoga. The global and modern approach to the curriculum is completed by training in several foreign languages, computer science and management skills.

The students can further deepen their studies at the institute of advanced Tibetan-Buddhist studies, similar to studies for a Bachelor or Master’s degree and postgraduate studies.

Urgyen Kater Rabgye Ling wishes to be a meeting place between East and West where also Western people can study and familiarize themselves with the ancient knowledge and wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism.

Our staffing standards: building bridges through connecting knowledge

Through stringent standards in education and innovative, modern teaching methods in accordance with the state curriculum Urgyen Kater Rabye Ling provides students with an excellent training environment throughout their studies. The Indian curriculum is taught by selected state authorized teachers. As part of the Tibetan-Buddhist studies Urgyen Kater Rabgye Ling will cooperate with the reputed monastery Namdroling und Shechen and recruit Tibetan-Buddhist teachers who have received a thorough education at the Ngagyur Nyingma Institute. In addition, Urgyen Kater Rabgye Ling will regularly invite Masters of all Tibetan-Buddhist traditions as honorable guest lecturers.

A solid foundation for inner and outer development

In accordance with our mission to empower children and young adults through education, the studies at Urgyen Kater Rabgye Ling cover housing, full board with wholesome vegetarian food and the supply of books and study material. Besides excellent educational training, the sound and healthy development of our students is of highest priority to us: Though regular health check-ups conducted by qualified medical experts we are ensuring effective healthcare. Yoga courses and meditation classes are an essential component of the training at Urgyen Kater Rabgye Ling.