Offering of Monks’ Robes and Beds

In Buddhist communities it is considered a good and auspicious connection for lay people if they make offerings of robes to the monastic Sangha. Of course lay people can also become enlightened but it is generally thought that at least one person among four bikshus or four bikshunis has probably reached liberation or enlightenment. Since it is mostly the Sangha of the ordained that teaches Dharma pointing us towards reality, such offering of robes is of great benefit in the eyes of Buddhist practitioners.

For 15 students we need to purchase Chogoi (garments for novice monks) and for 16 retreatants Namgyars, i.e. garments that are worn by fully ordained monks (bikshus). Namgyars are made up in a particular way from various pieces of cloth. Besides we also need to purchase the above-pictured garments and bunk beds for our students.

Here is a list of the prices for the robes and for the bunk beds:

  • bunk bed 60 Euro
  • Chogoi 15 Euro
  • Namgyar 25 Euro
  • Shamthap 9 Euro
  • yellow vest 4 Euro
  • Manyog 5 Euro
  • Zen 4 Euro
  • Dengwa 5 Euro

Thank you very much in advance for upholding the Buddha’s Teachings. _/\_