News December 2020

We are happy to share with you the latest news from the construction site of our Monastic School Urgyen Kater Rabye Ling monastery and from our Partner Monastery Taksham Monastery in Dhondeling!

See for yourself on the following pictures the recent progress that has been made thanks to the untiring commitment of Khen Pema Rinpoche and the helpers of our local charity Lama Chenno Trust in South India.

The side walls of our student accommodations have grown upwards and the first floor of the building is now nearing completion. The construction workers have done a great job so far.

In autumn, our local charity Lama Chenno Trust organized an opening ceremony giving the official starting signal for the construction of the Golden Buddha on our school premises. On that occasion we were honored to host representatives from the Central Tibetan Administration. The foundations for the Golden Buddha Statue have already been dug (bottom right picture). We hope that the Golden Buddha’s impressive appearance will attract many visitors and tourists, and that Urgyen Kater Rabgye Ling will become a lively meeting point for the villagers in and around Dhondeling. May the Golden Buddha pacify the land in all ten directions.

Our monastic students at Taksham Monastery are getting new clothes. At the end of the rainy season and in the slightly cooler months, sweaters are indispensible – even in South India. A big thank you goes to all of our helpers who, with monthly contributions and annual Sponsorships. The students very much appreciate your continuous support which enables them to concentrate on learning from teachers, and different Buddhist masters.

In between the tight schedule of their studies, the little monks always find some time for sports and relaxation outside in the fresh air. We only believe on the basis of the photo evidence that the jump over the rope was possible.